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Hoop Dreams Spring Break Basketball Camp 2017 (Portland)

What we are offering our campers at the Hoop Dreams Spring Break Basketball Camp 2017 is a tremendous opportunity to develop right after the season ends!  The consistent theme for most players will be, to rest & take time off during this time.  The development process for a basketball player starts in March (once the season ends)!  Those who start now gain an edge on the rest of the competition. This five-day camp will provide an intense (mentally & physically) and hard-working environment that is catered to players who “truly” want to get better – regardless of skill level, size or “perceived talent”!  We do not believe in talent, we ONLY believe in “HARD WORK”! We teach you to “control what you can control”.  Our PRIMARY focus is that every single player improves at our camps.  The Hoop Dreams Spring Break Basketball Camp will focus on:  ALL BASKETBALL SKILLS & BASKETBALL IQ!  DON’T miss out on this “unique opportunity” start your development process the RIGHT WAY!!!

March 27th – 31st, 2017


Location: Portland Christian High School – 12425 NE San Rafael St., Portland, OR 97230

Ages 8-16 / Boys & Girls

Cost – $199.00

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